Jun 07, 2017 16:23

Providing security via GPS tracking technology

GPS tracking
AETOS’ fleet of cash-in-transit vehicles which are equipped with the GPS Tracking System

The recent terror incidents at London Bridge and Westminster Bridge show a trend of attackers using vehicles as weapons. These attacks have highlighted the deadly and destructive capability of vehicles, especially oversized trucks, and their potential to cause heavy casualties if used in a premeditated manner.

From a security standpoint, technology is set to play a key role in preventing such attacks. To that end, there has been increased interest from clients to adopt the Vehicle GPS Tracking System for effective fleet management and monitoring of potentially dangerous oversized vehicles. We speak with Jonathan Ngow, General Manager of AETOS Technologies & Solutions to find out more

Q1. Name the top features of the Vehicle GPS Tracking System and ways they can help businesses manage their fleet.

Real-Time Telematics Data

The AETOS Vehicle GPS Tracking System provides accurate information such as location, speed, direction and the ignition status of any vehicle, making it the ideal solution for asset monitoring. The collated real-time data also enables quick decision-making and activation in response to an event of a natural disaster, Hazmat or terrorist attack.

Remote Immobilisation

If the vehicle is compromised in any way, most systems have features that would usually cut ignition and kill the vehicles’ engine to disable the vehicle. Unfortunately by doing that, it does not allow the driver to safely steer the vehicle to stop at the side of the road. The system that AETOS uses can remotely disable the throttle and activate the hazard light and horn. The driver would also still possess steering and braking capabilities to manoeuvre the vehicle to safety until it comes to a halt.

Unique Drivers’ ID system

An approved driver is given a unique personal identification number to enter before the system allows him to start up the vehicle. This helps to prevent any unauthorised usage or misuse of vehicles.

Q2. How has AETOS applied this technology to its business operations and how has the company benefited from it?

In our field of work, technology is a critical enabler as security situations become more complex and sophisticated. The Vehicle GPS Tracking System is a robust solution which can help enhance safety and security in our operations, and our officers’ productivity. For instance, this system has a seamless playback function, allowing us to retrace any speeding cases or assist in accident investigations. The GPS Tracking System is also being used in all of AETOS’ cash-in-transit operations, enabling secure monitoring of all our operational vehicles and their routes as they transport valuable assets islandwide.

Q3. What market trends do you expect to see for the Vehicle GPS Tracking System?

There is much scalability to this technology solution and its business applications extend to markets such as oil & gas, retail, car rentals and delivery services. Fleet management needs have started to evolve in the last five years as leaders become more open to adopting such smart security features. Just like any other technology, the challenge still lies in maintaining the interface’s usability and ensuring that the system is up to date with the latest software and hardware developments.