Oct 26, 2018 14:32

Vision plan for Maharashtra’s Orange Smart City completed

Artist impression of Maharashtra Orange Smart City
An artist’s impression of the futuristic-looking city, to rise from a greenfield outside the Mumbai Metropolitan Region.

Surbana Jurong’s India team has reached a major milestone with the completion of the vision plan for the Orange Smart City project in Maharashtra, India.

Orange Smart City is a 1,000-acre greenfield smart city development on the outskirts of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region. This smart city project’s strategic location and excellent connectivity make it an ideal destination for investments, innovation, tourism and living. The development has a target population of 300,000 and is set to create 100,000 jobs. The site is separated into four parcels of land connected by proposed elevated corridors.

Orange Smart City Maharashtra India

In developing the vision plan, the team has continuously innovated through stakeholder surveys, feedback and an extensive study of existing parks. Many factors including land allotment, urban design guidelines and sustainability standards have been considered to ensure that the execution, operation and maintenance of the Orange Smart City project will proceed in line with the vision.