Oct 10, 2017 17:38

Surbana Jurong wins Chongqing Aerotropolis Township Urban Design competition

chongqing aerotropolis township
The TOD-driven Chongqing Aerotropolis Township design as envisioned by SJ’s Urban Development team in China

Surbana Jurong’s North Asia team has won first prize in Chongqing Aerotropolis Township Urban Design competition, its first transit-oriented development (TOD)-driven design win.

Chongqing is an emerging mega-city in southwest China and, according to a Telegraph report this year, is ranked 8th among the world’s cities with the most number of skyscrapers.

The township, which spans 2.2 km², sits within the 33 km² Chongqing Aerotropolis, with Jiangbei International Airport as the central transportation node.The project scope includes residential, commercial (office/ retail/ F&B), aviation training facilities, healthcare facilities, schools, a neighbourhood centre and parks.

Teo Eng Cheong, CEO, International, notes that the win will put SJ in a good position to pursue design consultancy work downstream for the rest of the aerotropolis.