Ravelth Belicena


Senior HR & Admin Associate

Ravelth Belicena is the HR Business Partner for SJ Myanmar since 2018. She is also involved in social development projects and business development in the Myanmar office. Prior to this, she was SMEC’s HR Coordinator for Southeast Asia based in Manila, Philippines. She has previously worked with local and international NGOs for projects related to education and training.

Ravelth has a Bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education from the University of Philippines, graduating Magna Cum Laude. She has a Master’s degree in Community Development from the same university, and is active in community social responsibility in Myanmar.

A Sustainable Approach to Improve Water Supply for Underprivileged Communities

  A Case Study on Myaungmya Township, Myanmar Introduction Access to clean water remains a challenge for many rural communities. In Myanmar, one-third of rural homes lack improved water supplies, which is linked to poverty, lower health, and higher mortality. While there are efforts to develop adequate water infrastructure, some

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