Massive urbanisation and a trinity of solutions

2018 RA-IRF Regional Conference for Asia and Australasia urbanisation smart city solutions
Joe Keen (fourth from left) and Howe Chien (second from right) with other speakers at the 2018 RA-IRF Regional Conference for Asia and Australasia.

Surbana Jurong’s Managing Director of Smart City Solutions, Poon Joe Keen, was recently invited to speak at the 2018 RA-IRF Regional Conference for Asia and Australasia held at the International Convention Centre in Sydney.

The conference, held on 31 May and 1 June, was organised by Roads Australia, an industry association whose members include Australia’s road agencies, major contractors and consultants, service providers and other relevant industry groups.

It brought together nearly 300 industry leaders from across Australia, Asia and the Pacific, who reflected on the issues that will shape the future of infrastructure delivery and transport services.

In his speech titled “Reshaping our cities”, Joe Keen talked about the changing shape of cities and how it will affect infrastructure planning and delivery. He mentioned that by 2050, 6.4 billion people will live in urban areas, and such massive urbanisation will bring about challenges in terms of security, environment sustainability, asset maintenance and community engagement. Joe Keen added that the trinity of smart city technology, urban planning and city management will have to be part of any solution to address these challenges.

Joe Poon Smart City Solutions MD Surbana Jurong
Joe Keen talked about how smart city technology, urban planning and city management will have to be part of any urban solution.

He also spoke about how smart technologies play an important role in tracking, monitoring and managing cities better, and took the opportunity to share how Surbana Jurong’s Smart City in a Box solutions can help with the four main concerns of any city leader – Efficiency, People, Security and Sustainability. Yeo Howe Chien, Smart City Solutions’ Head of Business Development & Advisory, also took part in the conference, sharing his insights on the management of road assets.

Yale-NUS College and Surbana Jurong team up to test-bed next generation of smart city solutions

Technology solutions incubated at Yale-NUS will support development of “Smart City in a Campus”

next generation smart city solutions NUS
Pictured at the signing ceremony are (L to R): Teo Say Hong, Group Director (Strategy, M&A & Integration), Surbana Jurong, Poon Joe Keen, Managing Director, Smart City Solutions, Surbana Jurong, Dr Koh Poh Koon, Senior Minister of State for Trade & Industry, Prof Tan Tai Yong, President, Yale-NUS College, Prof Lam Khee Poh, Dean of School of Design and Environment, NUS, and Kristen Lynas, Executive VP (Admin), Yale-NUS College.

Singapore, 15 November 2017
– Yale-NUS College and Surbana Jurong (SJ) signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) today, with Senior Minister of State for Trade and Industry Dr. Koh Poh Koon gracing the ceremony. Yale-NUS and SJ will collaborate in test-bedding the next generation of smart city solutions within the College campus. The two parties will use their respective resources and expertise to co-develop a digital masterplan for “Smart City in a Campus”, an initiative by Yale-NUS, in the following ways:

  1. Knowledge sharing to co-create solutions – Yale-NUS students, staff and faculty members will share their feedback and experience on using SJ’s smart facilities management solutions, and explore the use of artificial intelligence in Yale-NUS’ upcoming mobile app, to allow users to conveniently submit feedback or report defects.
  2. Test-bedding and refining technology innovations – SJ will deploy and test its smart city solutions such as a predictive lift monitoring system at the campus to enhance the residential living facilities and built environment of the College. Yale-NUS faculty and students will play an active role in improving and refining the prototypes alongside SJ via user testing and feedback and faculty expertise in collating and analysing data findings from the project. The College’s wide range of research expertise, which spans across the humanities, science and social sciences, will contribute to the unique solutions that can be developed as a result of this partnership.
  3. Training of students – SJ and Yale-NUS will explore various collaboration channels (e.g. internships, job attachments and lectures) to educate Yale-NUS students and equip them with the relevant skills on smart city solutions.

These initiatives are aimed at enriching Yale-NUS’ unique residential living and learning model, which provides an ideal environment to test-bed SJ’s technology solutions. Currently housing more than 800 residents, the 64,000 square-metre Yale-NUS campus consists of three residential colleges (RCs), 1,000 student rooms, seminar rooms, laboratories, a library and a performance hall among other facilities. With students staying in suites of four to six people within three RCs, Yale-NUS is a microcosm of a small town, allowing SJ to test their solutions accurately in a real-life environment. The College’s close-knit community will also facilitate the collection of data and feedback that will enable SJ to improve their smart city solutions.

“Yale-NUS College is excited to partner Surbana Jurong by providing our fully-residential campus as a site for test-bedding their ideas, as well as contributing our research expertise. Our students are curious and have inquisitive minds that enable them to challenge the status quo and innovate. They are well-equipped to delve deep into these smart city initiatives and contribute to its further development to better improve the way we live. Our faculty members are also well placed to contribute their research expertise to the smart city research projects. We are excited by the opportunity to translate research findings into real world technology solutions for meaningful outcomes,” said Professor Tan Tai Yong, President of Yale-NUS College.

“Surbana Jurong looks forward to supporting Yale-NUS college in developing their “Smart City in a Campus” by leveraging our strong expertise and 30 plus years of experience in developing and managing smart solutions for Singapore’s HDB town councils. We hope this meaningful collaboration will lead to the robust creation of innovative ideas for the next generation of smart city solutions,” said Mr. Wong Heang Fine, Group CEO of SJ.

For media enquiries, please contact:

Yale-NUS College
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Surbana Jurong
Gerald Lim, Senior Manager, Group Communications & Branding
Tel: (+65) 6248 1825

About Yale-NUS College
Established in 2011 through a partnership between Yale University and the National University of Singapore, Yale-NUS College is a leading liberal arts college in Asia, with a full residential programme that integrates living and learning. Drawing on the resources and traditions of its two founding universities, Yale-NUS aims to redefine liberal arts and science education for a complex, interconnected world. A Yale-NUS College education emphasises broad-based multi-disciplinary learning in the full range of arts, humanities, and social and natural sciences. Our curriculum and pedagogy, built from scratch by the inaugural faculty, seeks to draw on the strengths of established liberal arts traditions, while introducing our students to the diverse intellectual traditions and cultures of Asia and the world. We are nurturing young minds and equipping the next generation with the means to appreciate and understand the breadth and complexity of issues, the capacity to think critically and solve problems, and the skills to effectively communicate and lead.

Our Vision:
A community of learning,
Founded by two great universities,
In Asia, for the world.

About Surbana Jurong
Surbana Jurong Private Limited (SJ) is one of the largest Asia-based urban, industrial and infrastructure consulting firms. Leveraging technology and creativity, SJ provides one-stop consultancy solutions across the entire value chain of the urbanisation, industrialisation and infrastructure domains.

Headquartered in Singapore, the SJ Group has a global workforce of 13,000 employees in 113 offices across 44 countries in Asia, Australia, the Middle East, Africa and the Americas, and an annual turnover of around S$1.3 billion.

SJ has a track record of over 50 years, and has built over a million homes in Singapore, crafted master plans for more than 30 countries and developed over 50 industrial parks globally.

SJ’s motto ‘Building Cities, Shaping Lives’ reflects its belief that development is more than just steel and concrete. SJ creates spaces and designs infrastructure where people live, work and play, shaping cities into homes with sustainable jobs where communities and businesses can flourish.

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Surbana Jurong launches ‘Smart City in a Box’

SJ smart city in a box
The Business Times, 12 July 2016

From the monitoring of city traffic conditions, security, energy, efficiency to predicting lift breakdowns, mayors and city officials are finally able to do so through one integrated solutions platform. Click here to read more

(The Business Times © Singapore Press Holdings Limited. Reproduced with permission)


Surbana Jurong launches integrated Smart City Solutions

smart city in a box
Surbana Jurong has developed a set of apps based on the four pillars of a Smart City – Sustainability, Efficiency, People and Security

Singapore, 11 July, 2016 – Surbana Jurong Private Limited announced today that it has launched its first batch of integrated Smart City Solutions, beginning with eight modules with strategic technology partners.

Dubbed ‘Smart City in a Box’, it is an integrated set of solutions with a dashboard that allows city officials to load customisable applications (Apps) in four key areas – security, efficiency, sustainability and community, enabling them to track, monitor and manage cities better.

Some of the Apps provided in the first batch include:

  • Sustainability: energy saving e.g. smart lighting, energy usage monitoring
  • Security: facial recognition technology, water quality monitoring, smart lock, fire and smoke detection
  • People: feedback and engagement
  • Efficiency: asset upkeep and maintenance

Working with Surbana Jurong’s city planners, customers can choose to deploy the relevant Apps from this set of solutions. A survey conducted by Surbana Jurong amongst city leaders on Smart City readiness in conjunction with the World City Summit, revealed that over two thirds of city leaders listed that they are reliant on other cities for water and a quarter are also reliant on other cities for ICT services. Such high level of interdependence points to a need for a coherent and standardised set of technology solutions to manage city operations. The Smart City in a Box aims to address this need.

Said Mr Wong Heang Fine, Group CEO of Surbana Jurong: “‘Smart City in a Box’ is yet another offering we provide in our one-stop complete value chain consultancy services for urban and infrastructure developments. SJ is in the best position to infuse a city planner’s and developer’s perspective into our integrated smart city solutions. This ensures that the solutions deployed are in synch and better integrated with their overall development plans. Our solutions are also backed by more than 30 years’ experience in managing real life smart solutions for Singapore’s towns.”

Added Mr Wong: “Up till now, Smart City technologies are deployed on a piecemeal basis and are often focused on technologies rather than how technologies can best help to run a city and benefit the communities and businesses living and interacting there. We have developed an integrated smart cities solution that is easy to deploy, customise, maintain, and at the same able to upscale over time as cities develop. Taking a leaf from how consumers use Apps in their daily lives, we realised that city planners also need the same convenience of a plug and play integrated solution to manage cities. Our Smart City in a Box will also enable city planners to plan with the end in mind, and collate and analyse big data over time to deploy solutions to deal with specific problems. We aim to be the first stop and one stop for administrators managing townships and cities”

Surbana Jurong’s integrated smart city solutions were developed from over 30 years of experience deploying its proprietary Integrated Estate Management System (IEMS) in Singapore’s public housing estates. The IEMS helps to monitor, relay, and analyse information to facilitate estate management.

Quotes from our partners

Said Mr Puspanathan K, Chief Operating Officer from ZWECC, “ZWEEC, a leader in video analytic solutions, is pleased to partner Surbana Jurong in launching this ‘Smart City in a Box’ to offer a range of sustainable water quality management and intelligent surveillance solutions to ensure the safety & security of the community.”

“Here in DNV GL, global impact for a safe and sustainable future is our vision, also underpinning our partnership with Surbana Jurong. We believe Surbana Jurong shares the same ideals espoused through tangible smart city solutions that engage the community, provide the security, promote sustainability and enhance efficiency. This is a symbiotic relationship and DNV GL is proud to be a strategic partner to Surbana Jurong.”, mentioned Mr Kees-Jan van Oeveren, Singapore GM from DNV GL

“By engaging our services through ‘Smart City in a Box’, one can mitigate fire risks effectively with our innovative early warning Smoke & Fire Detection Camera; conduct covert intelligence gathering with our Social Media Monitoring solution, or even safely immobilise a potentially dangerous vehicle with our Vehicle GPS Tracking System. Security is every smart city’s priority and AETOS offers a unique suite of reliable and customisable technology solutions to forge safer and resilient communities of tomorrow,” shared Mr Robin Littau, Vice President Business Development of AETOS Holdings Pte Ltd.

IE Singapore Group Director, Kow Juan Tiang said: “SJ is introducing disruptive technology to help cities operate and manage themselves through its innovative ‘Smart City in a Box’ platform. Working with global and Singapore’s leading solution providers, SJ is now able to diagnose and prescribe smart solutions to tackle modern urbanisation issues such as Security and Efficiency. SJ’s integration with its partners will result in the development of a product lifecycle management toolkit for cities.”
For media enquiries, please contact:

Alvin Hang
Group Director, Group Corporate Communications
T: 6248-1100 |

Tian Zhiyuan
Senior Specialist, Group Corporate Communications
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About Surbana Jurong

Surbana Jurong is one of Asia’s consultancy powerhouses for urbanisation and infrastructure developments.

We have a distinguished track record in shaping Singapore’s urban and industrial landscape over the last 50 years and we deliver total urbanisation, infrastructure and engineering solutions to support sustainable social and economic growth for our clients.

Our multi-disciplinary team of specialists provides one-stop complete value chain consultancy services harnessed through years of successfully completing a wide array of projects in more than 200 cities in over 50 countries worldwide. We have designed and completed more than a million homes in Singapore, completed masterplans for over 30 countries and developed more than 50 industrial parks around the world.

In June 2015, Surbana Jurong acquired two companies – KTP Consultants Pte Ltd in Singapore and Sino-Sun Architects & Engineers Co. Ltd in China. These two acquisitions grew our staff strength by 25%, strengthened our infrastructure development capabilities and brought our market reach in China to 16 cities.

We announced in November 2015 that we had taken up a 20% equity stake in China’s CITICC (Africa) Holding Limited, a USD300 million investment platform set up between International Financing Company (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group and Chinese multinational construction and engineering company, CITIC Construction Co., Ltd – which would see us potentially developing 30,000 affordable homes in Africa in the next five years.

Surbana Jurong also took up a 8.4% stake (USD 9.25 mil) in an American software company, FLUX Factory, Inc, a spin-off from Google X, which builds collaborative cloud-based software tool used for building design, urban solutions and master planning, which will grow our sustainable and building design capabilities.

With over 600 international and local awards under our belt, we have what it takes to understand, anticipate and exceed our clients’ expectations. Today, Surbana Jurong employs over 4,000 employees from 40 nationalities in 26 offices across Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Surbana Jurong Secures First Smart City Project in India

Surbana Jurong has secured the Orange Smart City project in India. We will be providing a comprehensive Smart City design solution for the client via the Vision Master Plan (pre-concept) and a Go-to-Market Strategy. Orange Smart City is a revolutionary Greenfield (city created from scratch) smart industrial development in close proximity to India’s financial capital, Mumbai. It is envisaged to be a city of the future that offers the best of business, living, learning, recreation, health and smart solutions.

This is a first of its kind project in India. A Greenfield Smart City project that incorporates three of the big ticket programs in the national development agenda – “Smart Cities”, “Make in India”, “Housing for All”, and also linked to the fourth – a major infrastructure program called the “Sagarmala scheme” (for port development). We will be providing them a vision that encompasses smart grid power, renewable energy, water, waste management, and smart mobility as part of the comprehensive urban solutions. The project is also seen as the Economic Access Corridor to the Client owned and operated Karanja port.

This project is envisioned to be spread over 1,000 acres across 4 distinct sites and is linked to the Karanja Port, the Jawaharlal Nehru Port (India’s largest cargo handling port) and the proposed Navi Mumbai Aerospace Park (India’s largest air freight terminal) with a dedicated elevated road link, making sure that the project gets the best connectivity to the rest of the world. Downstream opportunities include development of the concept, the detailed Masterplan, followed by Phase 0 and Phase 1 buildings, and infrastructure.