May 12, 2017 15:41

SMEC secures Snowy 2.0 feasibility study

Snowy 2.0 feasibility study
Up to 2,000MW of hydroelectric energy could be added to the grid to act as rapid response back-up during periods of high demand and fill the gaps in energy supply

12 May 2017 – SMEC, a member of Surbana Jurong (SJ) Group, has been engaged by Snowy Hydro to assist with the feasibility study of proposed Snowy Mountains Hydroelectric Scheme expansion project (Snowy 2.0), the first major expansion of the Scheme since its completion in 1974.

The objective of the proposed expansion is to increase the capacity of the Scheme in order to address current power shortages and help to stabilise electricity supply in the future.

SMEC and Snowy Hydro have a long and proud history, having worked together to develop the iconic 4,100 megawatt (MW) Snowy Mountains Hydroelectric Scheme under the auspices of the Snowy Mountains HydroElectric Authority, established in 1949.

The feasibility study will first review existing proposals to expand pumped hydro storage on the Scheme, many of which have existed since the 1960s. Under the most prospective proposal, up to 2,000 MW of hydroelectric energy could be added to the grid to act as rapid response back-up during periods of high demand and fill the gaps in energy supply. The pumped hydro capability means the water utilised for electricity generation can be recycled to provide supply when it is needed most.

Said Snowy Hydro’s CEO Paul Broad, “This project has the potential to deliver one of the largest pumped hydro schemes in the world and underscores the importance of the Scheme’s existing role as the battery of the National Electricity Market.”

Mr Andy Goodwin, SMEC’s CEO and SJ Group’s CEO International (Africa, Americas, ANZ, SAME) said: “Snowy Mountains are part of our namesake and the backbone of our heritage, so the chance to be involved in this project again is a unique ‘twice-in-a-lifetime’ opportunity, both for our organisation and those engineers who worked on the original scheme.”

“We are honoured to be part of the project and looking forward to resuming our presence within the Cooma community again,” he added.

SMEC’s appointment will deliver significant benefits to the local Snowy Mountains community. As part of its commitment to the project, SMEC will reopen its offices in Cooma, which will see more than 30 people based permanently in the town.

About SMEC

SMEC is a professional services company providing high-quality consultancy services on major physical and social infrastructure projects. SMEC provides consultancy services for the lifecycle of a project, ranging from feasibility studies and detailed design, through to construction supervision and commissioning. SMEC services a broad range of industry sectors, ranging from transport and energy, to water and built environment.

SJ acquired Australian-based, SMEC Holdings Limited in August 2016 to be one of Asia’s largest consultancy powerhouses in urban & infrastructure development.

About Snowy Hydro Limited

Snowy Hydro Limited has a long and proud history as an Australian company. The corporatised Snowy Hydro was established in 2002 to operate the Scheme in the National Electricity Market and has grown into an integrated energy company with more than 5,500 MW of generating capacity across New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia including the 4,100 MW Scheme, 1,287 MW of gas-fired generation in NSW and Victoria and 164 MW of diesel generation in South Australia. Snowy Hydro recently finalised an offtake agreement for 100 MW of large-scale solar generation in South Australia. Snowy Hydro is one of Australia’s largest renewable generators, the third largest generator by capacity and is the proud owner of award-winning retail energy companies – Red Energy and Lumo Energy, which together make up the fourth largest retailer in the NEM. Snowy Hydro’s retail business serves more than one million customer accounts in the NEM including households, Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Commercial and Industrial customers (C&I) across Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia and Queensland.