Mar 22, 2017 09:40

Celebrating World Water Day 2017

water africa
A boy samples the clean water. Image source:

It is estimated that by 2025, two-thirds of the world’s population may face water shortages due to rapid urbanisation. The Surbana Jurong Group provides innovative and sustainable water solutions for every aspect of the water cycle and invests in research, development and new technology including computer-aided design and flow simulation packages to enhance our capabilities.

As we mark World Water Day today, we are heartened to be able to help raise the livelihoods of local communities by improving access to water supply, sanitation and drainage services. Below are two significant water projects which we are proud to be part of.

Khulna Water Supply Project, Bangladesh

Bangladesh water
The project will help to provide access to safe drinking water to the residents of Khulna in Bangladesh

“As a result of the project, 490,000 people have been connected to a piped water network for the first time, and 220,000 people have received improved water supply services.”

This project was developed to secure a sustainable urban water supply for residents of Khulna in southwest Bangladesh.

In the city of 700, 000 people, more than 80% of its residents do not have access to a piped water supply. To ensure safe drinking water for the people of Khulna, the Government of Bangladesh and the Khulna Water Supply and Sewerage Authority (KWASA) sought to implement major capital works through the rehabilitation and strengthening of the water supply system as part of a long-term investment plan.

SMEC, member of the Surbana Jurong Group, provided management development support to KWASA, to transform it into a professionally managed corporate body.

Water Supply and Sanitation Improvement Project, Zambia

Water Supply and Sanitation

Urban areas of Lusaka will benefit from a reliable water supply and improved sanitation

“This project will help to increase access to a reliable water supply, and improve sanitation and drainage services in selected urban and peri-urban areas of Lusaka.”

Lusaka, the capital city of Zambia has a population of nearly two million people. Not all of its residents have access to a treated water supply and only 30% have waterborne sanitation.

Engaged by the Millennium Challenge Account-Zambia Limited (MCA-Zambia), SMEC provides programme management services for citywide water supply, sanitation, and drainage improvement works in Lusaka. Our role also includes ensuring MCA-Zambia’s compliance with environmental, health and safety standards.