Oct 18, 2019 16:06

A new micro hydro project in Malawi

This waterfall in Nkhatabay is a project site area for a 300KW micro hydro project

Practical Action, an international private development organisation from the UK, has secured funds from United Nations Development Programme and has engaged SMEC to undertake the consultancy services for the detailed design and construction supervision of a proposed 300 KW micro hydro project in Malawi. A micro hydro project is a hydroelectric power scheme that produces up to 100 KW of electricity using a flowing steam or a water flow for isolated communities.

The aim of the project is to provide clean energy sources in the vulnerable areas. The project is located in Usingini area in Usisya in Nkhatabay District, covering an area of 7.3 hectares.

SMEC’s scope includes detailed design and construction supervision including a review of the feasibility study, geotechnical and topographic survey, hydrological analysis, hydraulic aspects, civil & structural design and drawings, electromechanical designs & specifications and preparation of tender documents

This 8-month project, which commenced in September, has been made possible due to SMEC’s strong presence and similar experience in the region. This will be a showcase project for SMEC, who hopes to secure additional similar projects.