Aug 16, 2019 21:54

Integrating Danzhou City With Yangpu Port, A Growing Gateway to the Western China

Surbana Jurong will create the masterplan for Danzhou City, Hainan’s second most populous city, on the heels of winning four projects over the past 12 months in Haikou, the capital city of province of Hainan, China. The latest project follows the establishment of a collaborative MOU between Surbana Jurong and Danzhou City in late 2018.

Hainan is the first province to attain Free Trade Port status in China, and is set to be the largest free trade zone in China. This project focuses on the integration of Danzhou City’s development with its Yangpu Port, the biggest import and export port in the South China Sea. It is also a key gateway linking western regions of China with Singapore.

Also, the integration of the fast-developing Danzhou City with Yangpu Port will augur well for Danzhou. It will combine Danzhou’s strengths in the agricultural and services sectors with Yangpu’s in manufacturing and port sectors. Yangpu Port, a deep-water multi-purpose port, is jointly managed by Singapore’s Jurong Port and China SDIC.

With Surbana Jurong’s history of planning and developing Jurong Port and the Jurong industrial estate and township as the Singapore economy grew, this project win puts Surbana Jurong in the unique position of coming full circle as it contributes positively to Danzhou City’s vision of port-urban integration.