Dylan Tan Kai Loon


Head Operations, SMM Pte Ltd (Member of the Surbana Jurong Group)

Quality facilities never fail to bring joy to stakeholders and users. A well maintained facilities bring both tangible and intangible values to all stakeholders. The user experience is the focus.

Dylan Tan holds a Diploma in Building and Real Estate Management from Ngee Ann Polytechnic, and a Bachelor of Science in Facilities Management from Heriot Watt University.

Dylan joined SMM Pte Ltd (Member of the Surbana Jurong Group) as Head of Operations, managing a portfolio of operationally ready facilities. He oversees all strategic contractual issues of facilities under his charge, as well as heads a maintenance audit team that reviews operating procedures and ensures the quality of maintenance.

In addition, Dylan assists in the company’s business development plans, and participates in the procurement of contracts through tender presentation and bids in Singapore, as well as overseas.

“Many of us perceive facility management as building cleanliness, changing of light tubes and management of air-conditioning systems. But our work goes beyond that. We oversee and ensure the planning, management and performance of all maintenance works that the facility requires, and are pivotal contributors in the economic life cycle of an asset.”

To handle the demands of his operational role, Dylan believes that having technical knowledge, high intelligence & emotional quotients, as well as good people skills are important – when it comes to meeting project deadlines, and handling stakeholders across the value chain.

Facilities Management - Moving in Tandem with Technology

The old paradigm of Facilities Management (FM) is viewed primarily as a maintenance focused field, with FM team running on regular team schedule, and the use of nuts and bolts to rectify faults and breakdowns. This model has since evolved with technological advancements making great strides, having the ability to

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