Cynthia Tan


Manager, Energy and Industrial Division

Cynthia Tan is a Manager in the Energy & Industrial Division at Surbana Jurong Infrastructure (‘SJI’). With more than a decade of real estate experience, she has been involved in a myriad of projects including industrial park developments and management, as well as oil storage projects. She is also involved in market analysis and feasibility studies for strategic projects.

Cynthia is also an experienced consultant specializing in commercial strategies, structures and business models. Her portfolio includes financial modelling and sensitivity impact analysis for different type of developments, including port development, oil storage terminals, LNG project and industrial park and township.

Cynthia has been a Licensed Valuer with the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore and a member of the Singapore Institute of Surveyor and Valuer (SISV) since 2011. She graduated from the National University of Singapore with honours in real estate. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in National University of Singapore under the SJ sponsorship program.

Cracking The Code To Smart Industrial Parks

Contributed By: Energy and Industrial Division, Surbana Jurong Infrastructure Wang Zhenglin, Manager Cynthia Tan, Manager Tara Tang, Assistant Manager Dennis Tan, Director, Strategic Projects Introduction The rise of the digital economy has prompted countries to review their policies and infrastructure; and has also increased the pressure on companies across all

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