Asset & Integrity Management

Unlock the full potential of your assets with our Asset & Integrity Management suite of services. We have delivered complex asset management services in technical and regulated environments for over 40 years.

Surbana Jurong’s Asset & Integrity Management team offers the optimum balance between risk, performance and cost for our clients. Our services are complemented by our extensive engineering expertise, allowing us to develop and incorporate asset management solutions during a project life cycle.

We specialise in operations and maintenance to provide a complete set of end-to-end asset integrity solutions globally. We aim for increased plant, machinery and asset availability, measurable safety and integrity, and optimised expenditure.

  • Improved performance and productivity through increasing the overall return on investment (ROI)
  • Improved safety and environmental management
  • Increased productivity through asset reliability

Core services

Asset & Integrity Health Check

An asset health check is an important process to provide clients an assessment of the assets’ operational and technical integrity. At the same time, the assessment also provides suggestions and improvements to enhance the assets’ robustness.

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Asset Integrity Framework

Adopts high level of asset, integrity and safety standards

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Process Optimisation & Efficiency

Improvements in business and operational processes to deliver better business outcomes

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Benchmarking & Analysis

Analyse gaps in safety and performance of assets vis-à-vis industry best practices to evaluate areas of improvements

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Inventory, Materials & Spares Management

Manages the overall maintenance of inventory, materials and spares to mitigate downtime and cost reduction

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Maintenance & Reliability Optimisation

Develop strategic maintenance strategies to execute a systematic suite of activities that will enhance customers’ maintenance programme

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Operations & Maintenance

Offers multidisciplinary operations and maintenance support services for clients across a wide range of services

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Operational Readiness

Ensures end-to-end planning and execution of critical activities

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