Mar 25, 2018 13:52

China’s ‘Belt and Road’: Reshaping the World

China’s Belt and Road Initiative seeks to link Asia and Europe to form a giant economic sphere. Is China establishing a new global order? Can other countries build win-win relationships with Beijing?

CEO International (Singapore, Southeast Asia, North Asia) Mr Teo Eng Cheong was invited as a panellist in NHK World’s Global Agenda Series on the discussion topic ‘Will the ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ forge a new global order?’. The episode explores issues surrounding the emergence of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), as well as the possible shifts in international order. In the discussion, Eng Cheong shared his views on how having capital and technical expertise in infrastructure development can help a country grow its economy. He also spoke about the benefits of having a good infrastructure roadmap to help Governments determine infrastructure priorities and possible trade-offs. The interview can be viewed here.